Why You Should Apply to be a Greek House Intern This Fall

#College Lifestyle

This past summer, Greek House launched their first ever internship! It was such a success that we decided to launch another round of internship positions for the fall semester!

This opportunity is for anyone looking to learn about the world of sales and/or marketing to see what really happens behind the scenes of a rapidly growing apparel company. Whether you're enrolled in classes or taking the semester off, this is still a great time to seize an experience like no other, since it's remote and built to work with you!


This internship will last the duration of the fall semester and will require 10 hours a week of your time. A weekly schedule will look pretty simple since most of the work is done on your time. This means that you can schedule your classes around the internship meeting times and if you cannot make a meeting, they are recorded for you to watch on your free time. Meetings will be throughout the week, on either MWF or TTh schedule to allow processing time with the material given.

From this internship, you'll be are able to gain a lot of hands-on experience and it comes with a ton of benefits. Interns work directly with their Sales Manager, providing a one-on one growing and learning experience. Sales Managers are there to help you through the more difficult situations, from closing your first sale to answering any questions you may have about the process of a sale. You also learn about the CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tool, a helpful tool that can help with organization skills even after the internship. Another fun benefit is that you can become the face of your campus Greek Life and student organizations because when they wear Greek House apparel, it's because you sold it to them and that's a pretty big flex to have on campus. 

As a current intern, I can honestly say that this has truly been one of the best opportunities that I've had as a college student. After joining this summer, I was able to start working more on the marketing side of the business and have grown in my skills working with multiple types of software and applications most interns never get the chance to see. Not many other companies let their interns make huge deals with customers, but here at Greek House, we applaud you on your successes in the company.

I knew I felt at home my first day as an intern and am honored to still be a part of the team, creating projects and working first hand with my campus as a liaison between Greek House and my school's chapters. With this internship, I feel confident that when I graduate and am entering the work force, I will be a valuable asset to any team. I know that I have gained valuable experience to be successful and that is all with the help of Greek House. 

If you or a friend is interested in this incomparable opportunity, click HERE to apply!