How to Choose the Best Mask for Your Chapter

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With Coronavirus reappearing, masks are more important now than ever before in order to stay safe and healthy. So, what better way to show off your chapter than with a new mask design? We know picking the right one can be a daunting task because you want to make sure your chapter looks great but is also being as safe as possible, so we have made multiple resources to help you choose which mask would be the best for your chapter!

There are a lot of options to choose and stipulations around masks because they are new for everyone. That is why we have created a mask look book for you to help understand information on every mask we are offering and what would be the best mask for you & your chapter. We promise you, getting your custom sorority face masks with Greek House is the way to go! The link to the look book on masks is here!

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Now that you know all of the information about each mask, how will you make the decision on which one is best for your chapter? So many of them are great choices and we created 2 different guides on how to make a decision on what mask is best for you. Let's walk through both of them! Untitled design (21)This first guide highlights our best-selling masks so far broken down pretty simply to figure out what are the basics that you want covered in your order. Does colorful sound like a good idea or would you rather print color on a black/white mask? This lays it out easily to see what basic idea you want to go with and what product would be best for that order. Before going to the next guide, look through this first and see what masks fit best for you and your chapter then see if it matches with this next one.

GH Mask Decision Maker

This next guide focuses on the same questions from earlier but lets you, the customer, see exactly where you're decisions lead to so you know if you're making the right decision on a mask choice. So, if you decided with the guide above that you wanted a plain mask with multiple colors printed on it, then your choice would definitely be the Bella Cotton mask.  With every order here at Greek House, if you need to figure out pricing or don't know which design to run with, make multiple options and ask for a price quote to give your chapter the most information before placing the order.

GH Mask Decision Guide

Trying to design masks was never in the training guide of t-shirt chair or a recruitment chair tackling virtual recruitment, but finding a simple design that you and your chapter love and adding it to the perfect mask can really help to set you chapter apart from the rest on campus this year. Hey, if you don't wear them after 2020, wash them and keep it as a memory to always look back on the years of college that got cut short or use it as a pass-down to members in later years that never had to experience this college hiatus. Whatever you use this for, it is needed for your health so might as well make it as cute as possible.

Now that you have all the resources to place a mask order - let's get you started! Click HERE to browse our mask selection!