How to Create the Best T-Shirt Designs: Tips They Won't Tell You Anywhere Else




Finding inspiration for shirt designs can be a daunting task for any position, especially if your chapter is focused on having great merch on campus to show off. One way that Greek House finds the creativity for new designs is by creating mood boards. If you think this might be a lot of work, it really isn't and can be a fun activity one afternoon to find cute and trending photos that fit your sorority's vibe. 

Let's look at this 70's inspired mood board. You might be thinking "well isn't there a lot 70sgoing on in this photo?" That's kind of the whole point and here's why. The pictures are helpful to find old t-shirt designs that could spark an idea and the stickers help to make the overall appeal more fun and engaging that can lead to its own design in the end. So let's say your bid day theme is 70's "Woodstock" or tie dye. Well, looking at this mood board, you can find so many ideas for color scheme of a tie dye pattern or even the type of font that could be used on the shirt. Also if you like look like looking at aesthetic Pinterests for inspiration, this is a great way to take that pinned board into one place and piece together what you like best. 

Now, let's take a look at a different vibe that your chapter could be going for or this could be the lifestyle/culture of your campus. You could be looking to do a philanthropy, social, or just pr shirt for fun and you don't know what the guys on campus are going to think. 

beachWell, this is a great way mood boards can help with that uncertainty your chapter may be feeling. If you're on the west coast or want that energy brought back to the east, finding light, bright colors can really embody this beach vibe that most Greeks gravitate towards. For guys, simple is always better, so going for a small design on the front of the shirt and a bigger design on the back gives them a reason to show off their favorite sorority or just a cool shirt. Making a shirt too complicated or not enough can result in your sorority's shirt at the bottom of the dresser or even known as the "gym" shirt. Fonts that are simple yet effective are key to catching the eyes of many and having a cohesive design on both sides of the shirt will really make your chapter look more put together in the long run. Plus, who doesn't like the beach? Bringing back a memory for people, whether it be vacation, a formal trip, or just the first time they walked on sand, can be the biggest reason for them buying YOUR merch instead of another chapter's. 

As you continue to find sparks of creativity in this crazy time, something as simple as creating a mood board can really define how your chapter can still be engaging and innovative in your apparel whether you're on or off campus. Finding what catches your eye, from a small sticker to a specific font type to a theme that no one else on campus has done, can open up the conversation with your GH designers to get the perfect shirts and accessories your school needs. Just because this time isn't what we anticipated doesn't mean we have to let go of our love for our chapters and Greek life. Now is the time to do the most for your chapter, and hopefully this can help bring back just a little bit of that excitement that we all seem to miss going into fall.

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