Top Bid Day Themes of 2022

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HEY PC 2021!!
We've been waiting for you all summer and we're so glad you're finally here!!!!! Here are the TOP Bid Day Themes for 2022. Let’s get this party started!

Under The Sea 🌈🦄🌈🦄

This theme will be Out Of This World & make y’all feel like Ariel The Mermaid. Bust out your seashell name cutouts & get you & your sisters to follow THIS Easy, 45-second Mermaid Shimmery Scales Makeup Tutorial!

Gamma Phi Beta - Bid Day DesignKappa Kappa Gamma - Bid Day Design 

Coachella / Music Festival 🎵

With so many months of quarantine, we are counting down the days until we can party at music festivals with our sisters again. Until it’s safe to attend Coachella, let’s just treat our bid days like our own music festivals! Get this T-shirt design in tie-dye & pair it with some cute leggings! 

Sigma Kappa - Bid Day Design






Candy Land 🍭🍬

Greek Life is so sweet!! Make this 2021 Bid Bay extra sugary for your new mems by pairing this design on a light pink T-shirt with pastel colored leggings!! Grab some candied jewellery for the cherry on top! Don’t forget all of the candy!

Bid Day Design








Brrrr! It’s cold in here! Dress this bid day theme with plenty blue, silver & white clothes & makeup. Get iced out in silver and diamond jewellery & remember to get a kid’s pool full of fake snow for cute PC pics!!

Kappa Alpha Theta - Bid Day DesignKappa Delta - Bid Day Design

I hope you enjoyed this trend forecast for the best themes that are coming this year! Let us know which themes you and your chapter are thinking about this Bid Day season!!

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