Styling Sorority T-Shirt Designs: Philanthropy Edition

#Greek Events

#Trendy Apparel

Philanthropy season is coming up! That means it is time to think about the cutest way to style your shirts. Need help? You have come to the right place! 

Crop It

Zeta Philanthropy

A simple crop is an easy way to style any philanthropy shirt! It is super easy and a wonderful way to stay on trend.

Jeans and a Cardigan

AGD Philanthropy

The possibilities are endless with this one! There are so many styles of jeans and a cardigan, and they will help you stay warm, classy, and stand out from your sisters! 

Add a Cute Skirt

Tri Delta Philantrhopy

A nice skirt is SO in right now! You can go with a denim skirt or keep it comfy with a tennis skirt! Nothing better than supporting your philanthropy in style. 

Get a Matching Mask

Kappa Philantrhopy

Of course, there is no better way to support your philanthropy than staying safe! Matching masks will keep your sisters stylish and safe! What could be better? 

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