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CM Spotlight | Nina R.


This Week's CM Spotlight goes out to Nina R.  our Campus Manager at UCLA.


I am a junior at UCLA, where I served as the t-shirt chair for my sorority Kappa Kappa Gamma.  After working with several other apparel companies, I decided to give Greek House a try and that’s when I realized what I had been missing out on.  


Communication is Key

There are specific things I like about Greek House that set them apart from other places immediately. First off, I was surprised by how the entire design, pricing, and ordering process was so straightforward and easy. This GH team made this possible with their reliable support and timely communication. I loved how the pricing adjusted in relation to the number of t-shirts being ordered because it helped motivate the girls in my chapter to get orders in so the price was driven down.

Oh $h*t Moment

One time my sorority needed a last-minute t-shirt order for an event so it fell on me to make it happen. I sent in literal word vomit of ideas and the design team blew me away with artwork that my entire chapter loved too.  Working with Greek House has given me confidence that I can always expect a dependable, enjoyable, and efficient experience

Life as a Campus Manager:

After my countless positive experiences with Greek House, I decided to become a Campus Manager. Working as an CM actually made my life more convenient because it meant that I could continue the work that I had already been doing for my chapter but with greater efficiency and more personal perks/rewards. Getting to work directly with the founders was amazing and allowed me to make anything possible with chapters when getting them to try Greek House. I was worried with not having any previous experience in sales but the training, well-structured program, and direct access to the founders gave me everything I needed to succeed.

Landing a $150,000.00 deal

At first, I was frustrated because I didn’t get a lot of orders right away but they taught me to focus on building relationships so when people are ready to buy you’re top of mind. That’s what I did and a couple months in I was able to land an order for all of Greek Life that was over 150k. I never imagined I would close a deal that big as a student but honestly I just followed the program and was persistent in reaching out and following up. It paid off big time! In all, my work as a CM for Greek House not only made my life easier but taught me invaluable sales, marketing and communication skills as well as gaining a better understanding of how businesses function as a whole.

Written by Camille Callahan

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