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Sorority Recruitment Ideas for your chapter

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To start here are some examples:

Design Edition

These are proven go to designs that don’t require a lot of thinking and can do really well because of the detail in the design. 

1. Disney Land Trip



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Music Festival Edition

Every chapter has a celebrity that was in their chapter that new members can easily relate to. Just attach an image and our design team will bring it to life to easily show the power of your chapter.

1. Bonnamu Bid Day 2019 - Music Edition



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Cartoon Edition

1. Calling All Alphis - Bid Day 2019



Depending on where your chapter is you may want to focus on outdoors and adventure if thats something your brotherhood promotes. Anyone with this interest will be naturally drawn to the exploration and freedom it represents.

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Black Edition



Same thing here, lots of chapters focus around sports as they’re easy to make the connection between being the best, domination, and persevering through anything as brotherhood.

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Pink Bid Day Edition 

1. Kappa Delta Bid Day 2020



These do great for multiple reasons, everyone loves pink color, it shows your chapter knows how to have a great time, and can associate your chapter with the feel good memories people already have around music.

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Space Out of this World



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These do great because, guessed it. Girls end up buying them and wearing them too when there’s cute animals on the design. The more people wearing your rush shirts the more exposure you get around campus.