Sorority Big Little Reveal Gift Basket Ideas

#Greek Events

Looking for the perfect gifts to give your little on big/little reveal or throughout reveal week? Look no further - I’ve got your back. Having gotten a little last year, I’ve experienced first hand the excitement and the stress that comes with planning the perfect reveal. Hopefully these cute big/little gift basket ideas will help you create the most memorable reveal. 

Shirts to Match Your Theme!

A must have in any big/little basket is of course matching shirts! Greek House has the cutest big/little shirts in our retail store! If your whole fam is getting shirts, we also have our design gallery where you can find the perfect big/little design or make your own!

Bid Little Reveal - DesignBig Little Reveal - Design

Big Little Reveal - Design Big Little Reveal - Design

Angel Energy Gift Basket!

This reveal theme is so popular right now and you could make adorable canvases and letters to match. Include pink lemonade, pink starbursts and angel energy big/little stickers to bring your basket together!


Big Little Reveal StickersBig Little Reveal Stickers

Baseball Caps!

Including matching big/little baseball caps in your little’s basket is perfect for not only a baseball themed reveal, but any theme! You and your little will get the cutest photos with these caps.

Big Little Baseball CapsBig Little Baseball Caps

Basket Checklist

1. Matching shirts!

2. Cute canvases

3. Personalized letters & paddle

4. Little's fave snacks & drinks

5. Stickers and other chapter merch!   

I hope you found inspiration for your upcoming big/little reveal basket! Big/little is so special and including these gifts in your little's basket will be sure to make them feel welcome and loved! Be sure to check out the Greek House Store for more items to include in your little's basket!