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Philanthropy Fundraising Tips



Follow these easy steps to raise money for your Philanthropy.

You've got a philanthropy coming up and you want to sell shirts to raise money to support your cause. Here's how to do it:

  1. Get a great design - better design = more sales

  2. Use a low number of colors - less colors means a lower cost per shirt.

  3. Use a low cost garment - lowers the shirt allowing you to sell at a fair price and raise money

  4. Greek House Donation - Instantly earn $1 donation for every shirt sold 

  5. Set the price higher for non-members  - Put the difference towards your fundraising goal

  6. Sell more than just T-Shirts - Give people a variety of products to raise more

  7. Takeover the Greek House IG for your event  - Get national exposure for your cause

Let's break these down below.

Get a Great Design & Use a Low Number of Colors

Keeping the number of colors in a design low, keeps the cost of the shirt low. A lot of people think that you need a lot of colors in a design to make it detailed but this isn't the case at all. Any good designer should be able to create great designs with a low number of colors. Below are some examples of 1-2 color designs:






Use a Low Cost, High Quality Garment

You can still get a low cost garment with high quality garments. Here's a few that we reccommend:

Gildan 5000 - Gildan T-Shirt


Port & Company PC55 - T-Shirt

         Port and Company PC55.png


Gildan 2400 - Longsleeve T-Shirt                       


Port & Co. PC54LS - Longsleeve T-Shirt

Greek House Donation

We're here to help beyond just getting a great design. With Greek House we automatically donate back $1/shirt ordered towards your fundraising goal with sponsorship opportunities to receive even more.

Set the price higher for non-members  

With Greek House's payment collection tool, you can create a campaign for non members and increease the price, then Greek House will give you the difference to put towards your fundraising goal.

Takeover the Greek House IG for your event 

You worked really hard to put together an amazing event, get the community involved, and raise money for an important cause. Make sure people see and hear about the event to make sure it gets even bigger next year. We allow chapters to take over our IG for the day to document the event and show the nation what an impact you make.

Alright, so now let's do the math and see what this all means for your philanthropy:

Say you sell your philanthropy shirts for $20. See how much more you can raise with these two examples:
  • Example 1 - Comfort Colors Pocket Tee (6030)
    • # Pieces: 100
    • Colors:  2 colors front/4 color back
    • Cost of shirt: $17.50
    • Profit from sale= $20-$17.50 (x100)= $250
    • Greek House base donation= $100
    • Total Raised = $250 + $100= $350

  • Example 2 - Gildan No Pocket Tee (G5000)
    • # Pieces: 100
    • Colors: 1 color front/ 2 color back
    • Cost of shirt: $11.06
    • Profit from sale = $20-$11.06 (x100) = $894
    • Greek House base donation = $100
    • Total Raised = $894 + $100 = $994

You can see by choosing a lower cost garment and keeping the number of colors low you raise an extra $644 for a total of $994 for your philanthropy.

Sell More Than Just T-Shirts


Check out the accessories page to find other products you can add to your campaigns. Many times the accessories are lower priced than apparel. Think of ways you can bundle them together to sell packages, the possibilities are endless if you get creative.

If you're a philanthropy chair we'd love to help! To get started with the process, submit a design request to get a free design for your philantrhopy back within 24 hours AND unlimited revisions. We'll follow up to help you through the entire process to make sure you have the maximum impact. Click below to get started.

Help Me Reach Our Fundraising Goals!


Here are some other philantrhopy deisgns Greek House has done to give you some inspiration for yours:













 Everything above can be 100% customized for your chapter. Let us know if you'd like to get started with a free deisgn today. Click below to head to the Design Request form.

Help Me Reach Our Fundraising Goals!

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