Must Have Big/Little Shirts for an Instagram Worthy reveal

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Must Have Big/Little Shirts for an Instagram-worthy Reveal!

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Big/little reveal is such a special event so it is crucial that you have the best big/little shirts for you and your fam! Make your little feel special and loved with these shirt recommendations right from our Greek House Design Gallery. You’ll be sure to get the best reveal photos with these cute designs available in our design gallery or check out our retail store!


1. Simple Design

Sometimes less is more and this design is a perfect example of that! These cute fam shirts would look amazing with any theme or color and would stand out in photos.

Big/Little RevealBig/Little Reveal


2. Quote Design

Show your little how excited you are to have them in the fam by getting a shirt with a fun quote on it to match your theme!


Big/Little RevealBig/Little Reveal

3. A Punny Shirt

This design is so adorable because it is unique to your reveal and the perfect combo of cute and quirky that your little will be sure to love. 

Big/Little RevealBig/Little Reveal


4. Chapter Big/Little Shirts

 These designs are more involved but perfect big/little reveals! They can be customized to your chapter or family name and will look great in photos. Everyone will be asking where you got your shirts!

Big/Little RevealBig/Little Reveal


5. Create Your Own!

At Greek House, you can create your own design specific to your fam or big/little reveal theme. All you have to do is tell our designers what you want your shirt to look like and they will make a design unique to you and your little!

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There are so many shirt options it may be hard to choose but go with what you know your little already loves! Some questions to ask yourself are "What it her fave color?" and "What is her style - simple or fun & quirky?" Be sure to check out the Greek House design gallery and retail store for more options!