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Member Spotlight | Allison Matney


This week's Member Spotlight is Allison Matney from Miami University. 


I study fashion design and strategic communications at Miami University. I am also the PR Director for the Phi Mu Chapter on campus. I organize both apparel and events as a full-time student, so when it comes to chapter swag I don’t have time to mess around.Allison Matney 2.jpg

Lost In Translation

It's not easy to get a room full of girls to agree on one design, date, theme, event.…or anything for that matter. Our chapter is constantly voting on what we should prioritize and include in our budget. Even though I share responsibilities with the philanthropy chair, we have a lot to manage between us, and things get lost in translation.

How GH Saved My A$$

I will never forget the time my co-chair came to me with a last-minute request to order shirts for a philanthropy event. And when I say last minute, I mean it was a Friday and we needed them the following Wednesday. I knew it would seem like I dropped the ball on our shirts and my whole chapter would be disappointed. Since I used GH a few times before by recommendation I decided to reach out to Karthik, the CEO, even though it was a Friday night. I explained my situation to him in a panic and he assured me I would have shirts for the event. He did not disappoint. I became a hero in everyone’s eyes because I had done the impossible.

Making My Job/Life Easier:

The online chat feature saves me so much time and hassle. With the immediate updates on my campaigns, my job is simplified because I don’t have to constantly check my email or get on the phone to make changes. We have a wide range of styles and the designers at GH are not only flexible with changes but also offer great feedback. If I need to be in a certain price range, the support agents always work with me to make ends meet. That’s something I have never experienced with ANY company before.

Written by Camille Callahan

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