How to Take the Best Photos for Your Chapter

#College Lifestyle


One of the best parts about having events for your sorority or fraternity is the matching apparel and the photo shoots. Great apparel always makes for a quality photo, but sometimes you need to remember a few extra tips in order to get the best pictures possible for the 'gram. Lucky for you, we are here today to show you some a few fun ways to make your photos stand out from the rest of campus and have a put together, aesthetic feed for social media. 
Tip #1: Throw What You Know


Each chapter has their unique hand sign to show off the legacy and history of their organization, so why not highlight your great design with this symbol of sisterhood?! This is a great example of Alpha Delta Pi because they are showing off the shirt design plus their symbol. We added in a background to tie in the colors from the shirt, making a cohesive and great photo for any Instagram page. 
Tip #2: Use Motion


Motion is always a great way to get candid photos, and also bring the photo to life. In this example, an Alpha Xi is sitting on a table while also kicking at us, making her seem alive, rather than stiff and posed.

Also, by photographing at a lower angle, we are able to see her entire outfit while also elongating her body within the frame.

If you aren't great at posing or you feel uncomfortable in picture-taking settings, try to move around and laugh to get the most genuine, authentic photos. 
Tip #3: Grab Your Friends!!


Gaining a sisterhood and your best friends is something to show off, so grab your best gal pals and SMILE! These girls got their photo taken from the side, allowing them more room for their arms to show at the top of the photo. They did a great job finding a unique pose for all of them to contribute in the picture, leaving no one out or feeling weird.

Finding your lifelong friends is why Greek Life is so special because you can look back at these memories that only they can understand, creating a stronger bond for generations. 

The best photos will always be when you're seen smiling and naturally having a great time.

We hope these photo-taking tips will help you and your chapter capture the best memories at your next function. Greek House is here to give you the best apparel and we hope to see you using these tips when you get apparel from us in the future!