How To Style Your PR Sorority Shirts

#Trendy Apparel

We all love a good sorority PR shirt! With the semester underway, now is the time to find cute ways to style your shirts! Let's get started...

Go-To blue jeans or shorts

This look is a classic! There are so many styles of jeans to pair with your PR shirts that the possibilities for you look are endless. Bellbottoms, skinny jeans, rips, all great jean styles to pair with a cute tee!

Over-sized Sweatshirt

Oversized sweatshirts are sooo in right now and are definitely here to STAY. These PR sweatshirts are perfect for both loungewear or dressing up. Pair with biker shorts or leggings for a casual street-style look!

Over-Sized Tee and Biker Shorts

Back at it with the over-sized look! PR shirts can be worn oversized and tied with biker shorts for the perfect casual, going to class fit. 

On The Slopes

We saved the best for last with this one. Our sorority PR shirts can we worn ANYWHERE. Pair a PR Sweatshirt with a beanie and snow pants to be the most stylish on the slopes.