Guide to Styling Recruitment Shirts

#Trendy Apparel

Recruitment is the one time during your sorority life where it's okay to wear the same outfit as 100+ other people and post it over all of social media. But have you ever wondered how to style your shirt to look different than the rest and still reflect your personality? Here are some ways we suggest taking your shirts to the next level!

Make-Shift V Neck


This simple edit to a basic tee is such a cute way to spice up your recruitment look. If you aren't the craftiest in the group, you can still stand out amongst the group!

Grunge DIY


This style is super cute if you aren't the super girly girl that only wants to crop her shirt. This is a great way to add your personal touch to a regular shirt, with safety pins, rhinestones, or studs. 

The "Criss-Cross-Applesauce"


If you want to do a style that's unique to you, try this one! Order your tank top a size larger than normal and cross the straps in the front, creating this cute opening that won't be seen by anyone else in your chapter. 

Hopefully these tips will help take your shirts to the next level at your next recruitment. If you try these out, make sure to post to Instagram and have the best style out of your chapter this year!