Fall Recruitment: What to Plan Now!


With all of the chaos going on in the world right now, you might be a little distracted from your normal recruitment process and planning. We are here for you, and we understand things might be a little different than normal right now! We are going to share some ideas of what you CAN plan right now during your downtime!

Screen Shot 2020-03-30 at 1.30.53 PMIf you already have colors picked out, make sure you are setting deadlines to check in with your sisters to make sure they all have the correct outfits & are following your guidelines! If you don't have anything picked out...don't panic! Some colors that will make your chapter stand out are:

  • Yellow
  • Red (Classy yet memorable!)
  • Neutrals / Light Pinks OR Hot Pink (because Neon is in!)
  • Denim & Tie Dye Shirts

Screen Shot 2020-03-30 at 1.03.29 PM

If you have a bid day theme but waiting on your Panhellenic to approve your theme, I would reach out with all of the images you found to support your idea so you can get the theme across to them virtually! If you haven't thought about a bid day idea yet, we suggest starting to research them on Pinterest & come up with at least 5 you love! Survey your chapter to see who likes what, or if you need to keep looking! Our blog post next Wednesday will be a list of bid day theme ideas to help you create the best bid day on the block!

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I'm sure you are already stressing about how you are going to organize what you spend for the recruitment budget, and we have great ideas for you! If anyone is buying things along your side, make sure you are both aligned with your process and plan to stay organized. We suggest having an app that can track how much you have spent and upload pictures of receipts on that! That can help keep track of everything you could possibly forget, and it aligns more than 1 person working on the spending! Some apps that could work really well for this are: Mint, Wally, YNAB, etc.Screen Shot 2020-03-30 at 1.39.58 PM

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You are already sure of what week you are going back to school a week early for work week, but we suggest you start to plan the times you will be meeting as a chapter each day of the week. Once you set tentative times of meeting, it will then be easier to plan what you are going to do during each one of those days which can be the best way to plan for creative activities! Locking down the times and day can give you a peace of mind of having your feed underneath you about everything fall recruitment!

Violet and Pink General Calendar

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I'm sure you are thinking about all of the things that didn't get done due to school going remote, but we can assure you that anything you feel like needs to get done with your chapter is possible with a zoom meeting. Take attendance on zoom and you can still hold your chapter members to your normal standards and they still can get the necessary information to have a great fall recruitment. If freshman need to learn chants, have them send in videos of them doing them and practicing as that will actively show engagement in your chapters morale about fall recruitment!


See you next week! 

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