Staying Connected: The Importance of Social Media



It is completely normal to feel a little disconnected from your chapter right now, so we are sharing some of our favorite ways to keep your friendships strong within the Greek community! Whether or not you can see each other in person, spending time with friends is one of the best ways to make your day a little better during this crazy time.


There are plenty of reasons to want to stay connected right now with your chapter and the entire Greek community! You joined a Greek organization for all of the strong bonds and friendships that you wanted to create, and it’s important to keep those close relationships even when you can’t be together. It also is a great way to boost your mood, to talk to friends who you might not be remembering to text often, and to showcase your chapter’s resilience.


Be realistic with your ideas! Your chapter might be really tired of having Zoom meetings, so try to come up with fun themes for virtual meetings every few weeks. Schedule a virtual journaling session, a workout class, or a yoga class. You can also come up with fun discussion questions, and separate your sisters or brothers into smaller breakout rooms so that it feels more personal. Have a virtual celebration for your seniors, because they definitely deserve a little extra love right now. If everyone is totally exhausted from all of the online meetings from this past semester, then switch it up and start fun social media challenges!

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Social media is one of the best ways for you to market your chapter’s image to all of campus before recruitment, and also to simply stay connected with your friends in the Greek community. Everyone is on their phones right now, and what your chapter is posting can make a huge difference. If a lot of potential new members see that your social media presence is staying strong during quarantine, then they will be confident that your organization is a really close sisterhood or brotherhood that they want to join. 



If you are doing Zoom meetings, post a pic to your Instagram or Snapchat story of your chapter! Every other week, try starting a social media challenge where all of your sisters or brothers post a story saying who they wish they could see right now. For example, “Tag a sister/brother you want to be working out with right now” or “Tag a sister/brother you want to be grabbing coffee with right now”, etc. Another idea is to have each member of your organization post their favorite memories from being in Greek Life, or why they chose your organization in particular. Start a Panhellenic or IFC social media challenge, where you post pictures of you with friends in the entire Greek community. You could also try having an “Instagram Takeover”, where different members of your chapter can take over your chapter’s instagram for a day. This is a great way to show all of campus how you are all spending your time during quarantine! All of these ideas are awesome ways to stay connected with one another, to give your sisters and brothers a smile, and to show everyone all of the things that make you proud to be Greek.


We want your chapter to come out of quarantine as strong as ever, and we are here to help you do that ♡


Talk with you next week!


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