Everything You Need For A Successful Bid Day

#Bid Day

Hey Bid Day Chairs - this one's for you! 
The Greek House team has worked together to give you all the things you need for a successful Bid Day 2021/22! Bid Day shirts, playlists and DIY decorations are just the beginning of everything you will need for a great Bid Day your chapter and especially new members will remember forever. 

Your Go-To Bid Day Playlist

Having a bomb playlist will make your chapter's bid day amazing. Make sure your new members are introduced to your chapter with the best background music. The Greek House team has compiled you go-to bid day playlist.

Bid Day Playlist

Bid Day Shirts!

The best bid days have the best shirts and that's where Greek House comes in! We have hundreds of bid day designs in our design gallery and you can even send our designers your own unique bid day design for them to create. Here are some of our most popular bid day designs!

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Bid Day DIY and Accessories 

Bid Day is not just about the shirts, its also about the accessories and decorations! These things make bid day even more special and bring the whole event together. We have created Pinterest for over 20 bid day themes with crafts, decorations, food and accessories! 

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