Bid Day Boxes... How They Can Benefit Your Chapter



With recruitment going virtual or modified this fall and spring, distributing new member gifts isn't going to be the same as it was before. That's why Greek House came up with Bundle Boxes... three different package sizes that your chapter can decide on which size and items you want to give to the incoming pledge class. You can customize the boxes to fit with the bid day theme or just have it be filled with pr items, the options are limitless to what you can do with each choice!

There's 3 different bundle options that we go through below to help you find which one is best for your chapter size and new member class.


Alpha Phi Box 1 (1)The first bundle is the least expensive of all the options but still includes a lot of material that any new member would love to get in the mail. With individual shipping on each box, you never have to worry about giving someone the wrong size or running out of materials because each one is customized to the member. This is a great option if you are looking to bring in a larger class this fall/spring.



image-pngThis second bundle is perfect if your chapter wants to give a bit more to your members without breaking the bank or the budget. It is fairly similar to the first box, but this one offers a mix of both other boxes if you cannot decide on which bundle to go with. The tumbler is definitely something that members will use over and over again so if you want to invest, this is the way.



Alpha Phi Box 3 (2)The last bundle we offer is the most expensive of the three, but if you are going for maximum merch with a small member class, this could be your best bet. This box offers some great pieces that members can hold onto for years. Adding in a backpack and pouch gives members a better chance to represent your chapter all around campus while still looking cute and put together. 



Even though recruitment isn't how we've initially planned, that doesn't mean we have to stop the fun and excitement that comes from finding your new home. Plus, having everything be sent to each member makes it easier for your New Member Educator so there is less stress all around for the chapter. Greek House has made this process as easy for the customer as possible because recruitment in itself is stressful enough that ordering apparel and accessories should be the least of your worries. So if you want to make your new members feel the most loved and welcomed on Bid Day, go with a bundle, save some money, and focus on bringing some new babies home!!

To put together your own box, click here to go to this link and start bundling today!