6 Sorority Bid Day Design Themes Guaranteed to be a Success



Greek House has created thousands of designs specifically for Sorority Recruitment, so if you or your chapter are stuck on what theme to choose or what type of shirt design to go with, this should give you some ideas of how to have the best apparel on campus to welcome home your new members.

Every theme is 100% customizable for your chapter and links out to more examples you can use to create your Sorority Recruitment Design.

Ice Designs

These pre-created designs don’t require a lot of thinking and can be tailored to your school and chapter in time for that special day. 

Here are four examples of Chapter Ice Designs:

Ice Design 1ice

Ice Design 3Ice Design 4

These are super easy designs to get started with and great if you have that chilly vibe on Bid Day.

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Disney Culture

The happiest place on earth doesn't have to be that far for your chapter to visit with these designs on deck.

Here are some examples of Disney designs below:

disneydisney 2

disney 3disney 4

These designs plus your imagination can create the most magical of days for new members to remember for a lifetime.

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Whether you want your chapter to pop off the page like a superhero or stand out from the rest of the crowd, these designs are sure to catch everyone's attention.

Here are some examples of Animation Designs:

animationanimation 3

animation 5animation 4

From iconic superheroes to just a blast from the page, these animations can incorporate any color scheme and become unique just for your chapter.

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Lots of chapters focus around sports as they’re easy to make the connection between being the best, domination, and persevering through anything as brotherhood.

sportssports 2

sports 3sports 4

Sports themes are a great way to keep the competition alive and to still be cute and cool for the new members.

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These do great for multiple reasons; everyone loves a great festival or concert, it shows your chapter knows how to have a great time, and can associate your chapter with the feel good memories people already have around music.

concertconcert 2

concert 3concert 4

These are great if your chapter is going for a big celebration on Bid Day and if you're trying to be the house on campus that blasts the best music and has the best time.

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I mean what better way to show off your chapter than to represent it with your mascot or favorite animal! Tie in a theme of ocean or camping to make it a full experience.

animalanimal 2

animal 3animal 4

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