Best Fraternity Rush Shirt Themes of 2022


With rush right around the corner, it's time for those shirts to be on point for the Zoom calls and rush events. It may seem like a small task, but who doesn't want to have the coolest shirts when trying to get the coolest new guys on campus? Here are some ideas that are going to be popular this year with every member in your chapter.

House Shirts









House shirts are always a great way to show off your place on campus, especially if you can't be there physically. This gives new pledges an idea of what they'll be walking into once they are an active and living back on school ground. This idea also gives your current actives a way to remember all the good times, from brotherhood events to tailgates and nightly hangouts with their best friends. 

Themed Shirts









Having a theme for your rush events makes the week even better because you can talk about why you are the best guys on campus. A trendy shirt is one thing, but showing your dominance and why you're the frat freshman should want to be apart of. 

Popular Items









If you're the fraternity on campus that not only gets shirts for your guys, but also your closest sorority groupies, this is the shirt for you. Not only will it be worn everywhere (so you get free publicity from your favorite girls), you get a legendary shirt guys will want for a lifetime. Whether it's Pink Whitney or the beloved Natty Light, these crowd favorites will continue to be the best sellers of the top guys at any school..



Here at Greek House, we want to see your success this rush season even if it's online. If we can help your chapter out in any way, these are a great way to start getting your name on the map this year.