6 Fraternity Rush Design Themes Guaranteed to be a Success

#Greek Events

Here at Greek House we've created 1,000's of Rush Designs and there are certain themes that always do well. In this post we'll go over six themes that always outperform other themes. These themes tend to sell more rush shirts than there are members in the house meaning the shirts are a hit to brothers and others outside of the chapter.

Every theme is 100% customizable for your chapter and each theme links out to more examples you can use to create your Rush Design.

Chapter Houses

These are proven go to designs that don’t require a lot of thinking and can do really well because of the detail in the design. 

Here are four examples of Chapter House Designs:



These are super easy designs to get started with and great if you have a cool house you want to highlight to new members. Have a cool house you'd like to create a design with? 

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Pop Culture/Movies

Everyone relates to celebrities, movies, and pop culture which can show your clever and make your shirts more recognizable as people get drawn in by the familiar reference. 

Here are some examples of Pop/Culture & Movie designs below:



Just think of popular movie quotes, recent celebrities that have been in the news, or popular tv shows. Then attach an image and our design team will bring it to life to easily show the power of your chapter!

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Depending on where your chapter is you may want to focus on outdoors and adventure if thats something your brotherhood promotes. Anyone with this interest will be naturally drawn to the exploration and freedom it represents.

Here are some examples of Outdoor Designs:



Have an iconic outdoor scenes around campus or animals associated with your chapter or university? 

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Same thing here, lots of chapters focus around sports as they’re easy to make the connection between being the best, domination, and persevering through anything as brotherhood.



Is there anyone from your chapter who became or is becoming a famous athlete? Upload an image of them and bring them to life!

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These do great for multiple reasons, everyone loves a great festival or rock star, it shows your chapter knows how to have a great time, and can associate your chapter with the feel good memories people already have around music.




These designs are great if your house has a big party each semester that you can highlight or if any famous musicians were a part of your chapter. Just look for images you can upload then leave it up to our designers to bring it to life!

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These do great because, well...you guessed it. Girls end up buying them and wearing them too when there’s cute animals on the design. The more people wearing your rush shirts the more exposure you get around campus.