A Recruitment Officer's Guide to Sorority Recruitment Shirts

#Trendy Apparel

Being in charge of Recruitment is a daunting task for anyone, so knowing the ropes and how to lead a successful recruiting season starts with the basics: your chapter and their apparel. This is your chapter's chance to show off their style and individuality while presenting the values and morals that your sorority stands for. From philanthropy to sisterhood day, each shirt means something to that potential new member that walks through those doors (or logs into your Zoom that day). 

Welcome/Meet and Greet

Simple yet cute designs are the best way to go to catch the attention of your PNM's. Whether you go for a t-shirt, tank top, or slouchy tee, this shirt should scream fun, trendy, and welcoming.


Philanthropy Day is the moment you can share your heartfelt experiences with new members about why your causes are so important to you and your chapter members. Whether it's sharing how much you raised the previous school year or reminiscing through old memories at your favorite events, these shirts should show how proud your sorority is to be representing your organization.


Today's the day to share why you joined your chapter, why the girls around you shaped you into who you want to become, and why your sorority is the best for that new member. These shirts represent family, home, and the true bond of sisterhood that can only be told from the heart.

Designs may not talk, but they can start a conversation. Recruitment is all about getting to your your potential new sisters, so start with a commonality. Anyone can talk to one another; having the connection is the most important part. Focus on the simple and the rest will fall into place and Greek House will make the process even simpler.