3 Things To Do for a Successful Virtual Recruitment




Recruitment chairs, this one’s for you! Spring sorority recruitment is fast approaching and I am here to help you get a head start on planning it virtually. As a Recruitment Chair, I know the stress of planning an online recruitment. That is why I will be sharing a bunch of tips on how to complete a successful virtual recruitment using Zoom, recruitment video ideas and recruitment themes from chapters who have already done it! 

Sorority Recruitment Tips - How to use Zoom effectively

Virtual recruitment is new to everyone so here are some tips making Zoom as easy to use as possible. Zoom is the go-to platform for hosting recruitment so keep that in mind when reading through the tips. 

  1. Co-Host Option - Make sure the co-host option on Zoom is turned on so that if you’re using a waiting room, the host can manage the set-up of breakout rooms and the co-host can admit all the sisters and then PNMs into the meeting.
  2. Pre-Assigning Breakout Rooms - On Zoom, can either manually setup breakout rooms or you can use a csv file. The csv file allows you to copy and paste everyone’s emails in large chunks as opposed to entering everything individually. The quicker the process, the better! 
  3.  Music - Play music as the PNMs enter the meeting! This will help set the mood of the round and avoid some of the awkwardness of entering a Zoom call.
  4. Practice, Practice, Practice! - The more times you practice using Zoom, the better. There is a lot of technology to learn when hosting a meeting so make sure to get your whole sorority together to go over the basics of each event.
    Happy Zooming!

Recruitment Video Ideas

Recruitment videos are the star of the show, especially during online recruitment. Recruitment videos are the PNM’s first impressions of the chapter. The recruitment video should give a sense of the vibe of the chapter, showcase chapter values and most importantly, explain why PNMs should want to join! 

Many recruitment videos tell a story. This year, it is important to acknowledge that things are different and not normal! Sharing clips of chapter Zoom calls and online events in the recruitment video will show PNMs how you are making the most of being online. This is really important if your chapter is not on campus. Your Online Media Director can get videos of sisters on Zoom with matching backgrounds or participating in themed events so PNMs see the personality of your chapter shine through! 

Another recruitment video idea is do a voiceover in the background of clips of sisters having fun and showcasing the chapter. A voiceover is personal and makes the PNM feel as if you are talking directly to them. The voiceover can explain why you love your organization, the history of your chapter, etc.. 

Lastly, have multiple videos! The recruitment video can be cut up into smaller pieces of content to post on social media. House tours, philanthropy videos and get to us videos are also all great ideas and perfect to include in your chapter marketing! 

Recruitment Themes

With online recruitment, it can be difficult to convey the personality and unity of your chapter. Creating a theme for each event is a fun way to grab the PNMs attention! Wearing matching colors or shirts will help your chapter look more put together, even online. Greek House is here to provide your chapter with the cutest shirts for your recruitment event. Whether the shirt simply says the same of your sorority in a cute font, or has a design to match a theme such as galaxy or slumber party, Greek House has your back and can make virtual recruitment just as special as in person! 


Sorority recruitment is the biggest and most memorable event of the year! It’s our job as Recruitment Chairs to make it special using these tips for hosting a Zoom event, filming a recruitment video and having themed events! I hope these tips have helped ease the stress of planning spring virtual recruitment. The perfect recruitment apparel is just a few clicks from making your chapter’s events stand out!