2018 Best Fraternity & Sorority Designs

Posted by Luke Mcgurrin on Dec 15, 2017 3:35:40 AM

We've compiled our top designs over the most popular event categories for your convenience. Everything you see is 100% customizable.

We can also create 100% custom designs if you get some inspiration and want to bring your ideas to life.

Here are some common events that you may have coming up:

  1. Rush
  2. Recruitment & Bid Day
  3. Philanthropy
  4. Date Functions
  5. Formal & Semi Formal
  6. Parent's Weekend
  7. Homecoming & Big Weekends
  8. Best Designs





Recruitment & Bid Day

Recruitment & Bid Day_21424_4036.png

Recruitment & Bid Day_21357_3969.png

Recruitment & Bid Day_18864_1476.png








Date Functions

Date Functions_21436_4047.png

Date Functions_18742_1354.png

Date Functions_19463_2075.png

Date Functions_19748_2360.png

Date Functions_20816_3428.png

Semi Formal & Formal

Formal & Semi Formal_21156_3768.png

Formal & Semi Formal_20908_3520.png

Formal & Semi Formal_20867_3479.png

Formal & Semi Formal_18539_1151.png

Formal & Semi Formal_21426_4038.png\

Formal & Semi Formal_19737_2349.png

Parent's Weekend
Parent's Weekend_21045_3657.png

Parent's Weekend_19277_1889.png

Parent's Weekend_21161_3773.png

Parent's Weekend_20672_3284.png

Parent's Weekend_19977_2589.png

Parent's Weekend_19435_2047.png

Homecoming & Big Weekends

Homecoming & Big Weekends_21917_4516.png

Homecoming & Big Weekends_19629_2241.png

Homecoming & Big Weekends_19367_1979.png

Homecoming & Big Weekends_21857_4465.png


Homecoming & Big Weekends_21346_3958.png

Homecoming & Big Weekends_19368_1980.png

GH Favorite Designs

Best Designs_21919_4518.png

Best Designs_21470_4081.png

Best Designs_21417_4029.png

Best Designs_21153_3765.png

Best Designs_21053_3665.png

Best Designs_19919_2531.png


If you see something you like or if you have an idea you'd like one of our designers to bring to life, let's make it happen.

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